The healthy lifestyle we’re supposed to live has taken a back seat. Our work leaves us with no time to include ourselves in physical exercises. This has harmed us today with incessant heart problems, cancers, mental problems, diabetes, and several hormonal imbalances.

Heart associated diseases are increasing your risk at a good health. Although the heart disease seems to be ubiquitous, there is much we can do seeing the risk of it. In order to do so, protect your heart and help you lead a happy life with your family. We INDIANA HOSPITAL AND HEART INSTITUTE have come up with a “HEALTHY HEART CLUB “. A special initiative launched to protect and detect any symptoms of heart disease at the earliest, And provide you the best possible treatment and protect your heart help you lead a quality of life , with our team of skilled cardiologists.

Dr. Yusuf Kumble, Dr. Ali Kumble and Mr. E Vijay Chandra were present for the launching ceremony.

HHC Package
Enrol as a member & determine your heart condition through test & Interaction with the cardiologist If your heart is found to be healthy, you continue with the membership for the whole year. During this period regular check-ups and consultations will be arranged. Any additional cardiac diagnostic including angiography within one year period will be done at free of cost. Annual membership fee Rs .6999/-. If you are diagnosed with a heart ailment after enrolment we will continue all our support along with 20% discount on in the house diagnostic test along with angiography.

For more details call: 0824 288 0880