Mr. AM Nanjudaswamy had visited Indiana Hospital for treatment to his wife’s knee pain. Mrs. Sashikala underwent bilateral knee replacement surgery on 16th July 21. After the treatment, the patient has expressed gratitude and a thankful message in the form of a detailed letter, from Chikkamagaluru. The letter highlights a warm reception at the hospital, the personalised care and affection showered by the nursing staff, the expertise and warmth of the doctors and entire medical team, the hygiene and clean hospital environment and the finest treatment provided at Indiana Hospital. To say that we are overwhelmed by this shower of love will be an understatement.

Dear Mr. Nanjundaswamy, it is the affection, appreciation and kind words of people like you, that keeps Indiana Hospital continue its journey on the path of service to mankind. Thank You for your valuable words.For more details about the hospital click:

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